Monday, 21 April 2014

3 Days to Go - My Five Week Challenge

3 Days to go of My 5 week challenge which started  on Monday 17th March 2014. The Goal?  37 days in which to lose 1 whole stone. Major challenge. Can I do it? Here is how I am trying and my progress so far.

The scales have gone up. Damn. 3 and a half pounds off target now. 3 more days after today to go.

It's Sunday. Easter Sunday. No chocolate for me!

Breakfast today was cereal piled high with fruit. Lunch was a sandwich - low fat chicken salad on a pitta. I sat eating nothing at Amerton Farm, whilst my family scoffed. Mine was in the car and I was proud of myself.

No gym today. PT tomorrow. However, I did work up a sweat making a den for G! Impressed myself to be honest!!

Not looking forward to PT tomorrow, but I do now want a good body. This 5 week challenge has kept me focused on my holiday, but I want more. I want a toned body to be proud of.

Tonight was cereal again for tea. A couple of brandy's - courvoissier - as a treat. And secretly just ate one small choc!! Well, it was Godiva!! be rude not to. It is Easter!!

However, it is now 3 days left. 3 1/2 pound to lose. I now have 3 days of real restriction but I can handle anything for 3 days dammit!! :)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Computer Issues!!!!!

Right. Is anyone out there a computer whizz? My laptop has suddenly decided not to recognise my iphone so I can no longer download pictures.

So far, I have uninstalled itunes - twice. Been onto apple support - twice. They have shared my screens, amended countless settings, ultimately advising me that I need to restart the laptop. So I have.

Only to log back on to find the problem is still there. Each time I restart, the connection to apple is lost and I have to start all over again. At this point, I cannot face going through it again, so I ask you instead - what has happened? How do I fix it?

Help!!! ;)

Happy Easter - Say it with Cupcakes!

So it is Easter Sunday. A very Happy Easter to you.

Now as it's Easter, and as I have a slight obsession with cupcakes, and as I just keep finding new temptation I thought I would share it with you. This site is fab - Your cup of Cake. There's a website and a facebook page full of cake stuff.

I absolutely love these cupcakes with Cloud Frosting - I've popped the link below for those ones:


But these are ace too - carrot Easter cupcakes!! My intention is to make some of these once I hit goal weight - not to mention other things I intend to indulge in!! Mainly of the chocolate / cake variety!! 

Just thought I would share these though, as this site is fab and clearly a fellow lover of all things cake. Enjoy:)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chocolate is The Answer....

Who care what the question is. Happy Easter!!!

Complete our survey and you could win an iPad Mini | KISS

Complete our survey and you could win an iPad Mini | KISS

Spray tan top up - how?

So, I'm shortly off on my holiday which is fabulous darlings. I always have a spray tan pre-hol, as sadly I am not blessed with olive skin, nor does my pale fair skin cope well with the sun or actually ever tan.

I face the choice of at least looking tanned to begin with via a spray version, but then fade slightly as the week goes on, or just go pale and interesting. Generally, people cannot help but advise on how you might best catch the sun which is considerate but really unwanted advice. I don't want to lie in the sun baking thanks all the same!!

So, I have my spray tan. I love it. But with the applying of sun cream, showering, in and out of the pool, in and out of the sea, plus applying lots of moisturiser and after-sun it fades. So here is my question - how do you top-up mid holiday?

I have tried this before with a light tanning cream, but it took soooo long to dry that I was walking around the apartment like John Wayne for over an hour because of the humidity. So what to do? Should I try the aerosol version? Should I try St Tropez or Loreal? So many options out there, that I just don't know what to try! Any tips would be very much appreciated!! Drop me a comment if you would be so kind!! :)

Holiday preparation - woohoo!

So its just a few days to go until I jet off on my holiday!! Yay!!

Now, as a woman, its important to try and look the best you can on these precious holidays. So here is my list of the preparations I shall be making over the coming days in readiness - you would be forgiven for thinking that it sounds quite the ordeal!! Here goes:


  • write packing list
  • try on bikinis 
  • try on shorts
  • get passports ready 
  • get hand luggage bag ready
  • get steps up to 12000
  • do some weights and ab work
  • 10am - leg and bikini wax
  • 4.30pm PT session at the gym
  • try on night time outfits
  • face mask 
  • exfoliate  
  • 9.30am haircut and colour
  • buy suncream and toiletries
  • get last minute bits
  • go to the gym for last chance workout
  • 3.45pm acrylic nails
  • 4.30pm spray tan
  • pack!! 
I am beyond excited but there is a lot to be done still. However, it will be worth it when I look groomed and relaxed!! Roll on Thursday!!